British Industrial Design Association membership is a benchmark of creativity and best-practice for professional and graduate product, interaction and service designers.

BIDA is a not-for-profit organisation, run for members, by a volunteer, elected board of designers.  We are committed to improving creative skills and knowledge.  We advocate the benefits of good design practice and education to business, government and it's agencies.   Good industrial design delivers better futures - get involved...

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Individuals and teams can join BIDA as affiliates using the link below. 

Designers who demonstrate creativity, skills and knowledge can apply to upgrade affiliate membership to Graduate (GradBIDA) or Professional (ProBIDA) status.    

ProBIDA members who lead design teams in consultancy, in-house or in education can promote their achievements by applying for ProTeamBIDA membership.

Affiliate members in organisations that wish to promote services to BIDA members and other designers can apply for affiliate team membership.

Criteria are based on the UK National Standard for Industrial Design Practice, which our members helped develop.

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ProTeamBIDA organisations offer assurance of creative and technical professionalism.  All are listed in our online directory and all receive notification of any work opportunity shared with BIDA. 

All ProTeamBIDA organisations include at least one lead member who has achieved professional (ProBIDA) status.  Subscriptions for all team members are reduced for online payment

Please contact if you need more information, or would like to circulate all ProTeamBIDA members with an opportunity.

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